“My investing strategy is simple. Talk to smart people about their stock ideas and investment theses then if I have enough conviction, invest. Stevan is one of those smart people and his newsletter has served me very well. Not only by its picks which aren't the common "buy Tesla" or "long Shopify" but by the thorough analysis on each stock's strengths and weaknesses. The fact that I can just read it all in a 6 minute email is pretty mental.”
Tim, Founder of Fanbytes
“Stevan's newsletter is an accessible, digestible summary of public companies. Each edition summarises three stocks, with carefully chosen, cogent analysis and recent performance highlights. I highly recommend it to anyone curious about companies, the public markets and investing - whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned pro.”
Check, Partner at Ada Ventures
“Gathering a wide range of sources to discover interesting companies to invest in takes time, Stock Ideas brings the best analysis directly to you. From the first edition I’ve discovered stocks I hadn’t come across previously that I’ll now be watching closely.”
James, Software Developer
“As a complete luddite when it comes to understanding how to read markets, I've really enjoyed how @StevanPopo picks a theme/industry in each of these newsletters and deep dives. Despite not having much of a portfolio, this is one of the few newsletters I always open! Recommend.”
Jonny, Founder of Progression
“I really enjoy reading Stock Ideas each week. Regardless of whether I choose to invest, I'm getting value as I'm learning. Stevan has a knack for pulling out the insight that really helps understand a business model.”
Sam, Founder of Otta